The Beverley Soaring Society (BSS) is the largest gliding club in Western Australia and also the closest to metropolitan Perth, being less than two hours away by car.

We have a large club fleet of four two-seat aircraft, three single seat aircraft and two Pawnee towplanes. Our members also have some 37 privately owned gliders at our airfield.

Our panel of qualified, highly-experienced, volunteer, instructors are rostered on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of each weekend to teach the skills of soaring to anyone from a teenager through to airline pilots following the Gliding Federation Australia training syllabus.

We also offer Air Experience Flights for anyone who would like to experience the thrill of gliding and and get an amazing view of the beautiful Avon Valley.

Our club has a strong cross-country flying ethic and ranks near the very top of the world in the On-line Gliding Competition (OLC). Our national-level performance coaches provide advanced soaring and cross-country skills to members and vistors.

Flying over Beverley in DG1001 GAP

Soaring in GAP (Golf Alpha Papa) near Beverley