The Beverley Soaring Society (BSS) is the largest gliding club in Western Australia and also the closest to metropolitan Perth, being less than two hours away by car.

We have a large club fleet of three two-seat aircraft, two single seat aircraft and two Pawnee towplanes. Our members also have some 37 privately owned gliders at our airfield.

Our panel of qualified, highly-experienced instructors are rostered on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of each weekend to teach the skills of soaring to anyone from a teenager through to airline pilots with thousands of hours experience. We also offer Air Experience Flights if you just want to experience the thrill of gliding.

The club has a strong cross-country flying ethic and ranks near the very top of the world in the On-line Gliding Competition (OLC). Our performance coaches provide advanced soaring and cross-country skills to members.

Greg Beecroft and Jim Howell in DGZ